Artista Vista , Columbia’s premier gallery crawl, is held every spring to showcase the artists, galleries and studios in the Vista, an official South Carolina Cultural District. A splash of paint and a creative use of typography seemed the obvious choice!
  Columbia Museum of Art , one of the premier museums of art in the southeast, came to me to design new branding after building a new facility on Columbia’s thriving Main Street. The font is bold like art, and the mark represents the partnership between the museum’s cultural contributions to the city, and the citizens of Columbia, who are a large factor in the museum’s success.
Snappy Hots
 The original  Circa 1332  logo was for a new store specializing in fashion forward, cutting edge clothing — jeans, jackets, shirts, shoes and accessories for the modern man. The distressed metal and broken font represented the store’s unique direction.
 After a few years,  Circa 1332  was rebranded to reflect a more traditional, casual line of high quality clothing and accessories for men. Circa 1332 also introduced their own brand, available exclusively at the store and online.
  Kemopalooza , Prisma Health Midlands Foundation's signature fundraising event for CAMP KEMO — a camp for children with cancer. Kemopalooza is a fun night of music, food and a silent auction.
  Avanti Interior Design  specializes in modern, architecturally influenced interior design. And the mark reflects this direction. The company concentrates on medical, dental, and business interior design.
  Rick Smoak  is one of South Carolina’s most talented professional photographers. The circular mark loosely represents a camera lens. While the “k” stepping off the edge of the line, represents Rick’s creativity and willingness to take risks in order to get just the right image.
  Family Connection  is a non-profit organization that connects families who have special needs children with similar families helping each other, offering support, guidance and encouragement. The circular graphic surrounding “Family” represents these connections and the colors reflect the diversity of the family’s needs.
  Bathrooms Within Reach  offers design solutions for contemporary bathrooms influenced by modern Italian design. The green and red dots are taken from the colors in the Italian flag.
  The Red State Blues Project  is non-profit made up of South Carolina musicians donating original music to a compilation CD. Profits from sales contributed to organizations working for people at risk in South Carolina.
  Carolina Guitar Company  is a South Carolina based company designing and manufacturing hand crafted, vintage guitar pedals built by touring and former pros at their “small batch distortery”. An edgy, retro feel complimented the creative direction of the company.
  Kimberly Holliday Family Dentistry  offers a friendly, non-stress, dental experience. The smile in the logo and playful typography reflect their approach to the practice.
  Duncan Sims and the Accused’s  name came from where the band was born — at a rehearsal space on the corner of Duncan Street and Sims Avenue. The mark represents the crossroads with the interlocking D and S. Begging the question “Which one of you is Duncan Sims?” Ha! The distressed font is a reflection of the rock ‘n roll music DS&A performs.
  Rhythm & Qs , an event featuring music and Bar-B-Que, naturally lends itself to an image of a guitar, flames and hand crafted typography.
  South Carolina Bar’s  branding uses a modern, graphic representation of the columns in front of the South Carolina State House. Combined with the classic serif font, it reflects The Bar’s traditional foundation coupled with a modern approach to the legal profession.
  Granger Owings  has been a Main street stalwart selling men’s clothing for 40 years. In the last few years, the store has expanded it’s offerings to include womenswear. This brand combines the traditional Granger Owings logo with the “W” and “Women” to represent the store’s new department. A softer gray for Granger Owings was used along with the mauve palette for Women.
 A keystone is a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.  Keystone Custom Builders  does just that, with their custom home design and building. The mark's interlocking design reflects the integration of the various components of the services the company offers.
  ACE Glass  has been serving South Carolina since 1939. The company is a modern provider of commercial, residential and automotive glass solutions. The contemporary geometric shapes of each letter represent these three areas of their business in a colorful, memorable fashion.
  Elliott and the Untouchables  is a band I was a member of for many years (hire a drummer, get a free art director). The band performed traditional and modern blues with a vintage influence. So the old style microphone, pork pie hat, and shades seems a natural fit.
  Charleston Chamber Opera  is an opera company represented with a “by-the-sea” design. The hand written ink on paper look reflects their creativity and originality. The font used for Charleston Chamber offers a more traditional feeling for the organization located in such an historic city.
  Portable Air Solutions  provides portable, rental, air and heat equipment for events, emergencies, and climate control during an outage. The mark symbolizes the movement of air coupled with a modern font, color coded for heat and cold.
  Shives Funeral Home  is family owned and family focused. The “monogram” mark along with the classic typography position Shives as a funeral home embracing traditional values and personal service.
  Village Bistro  is a restaurant located in a large shopping village. The modern design of the bistro lended itself well to the knife, fork and spoon images set in the urban buildings. The typography reflected the casual nature of the establishment.
  Palmetto Health Foundation  raises funds to support Palmetto Health, one of South Carolina’s largest healthcare systems. The classic Foundation design represents the serious and important roll the organization plays in contributing to the success of the hospital’s mission.
  Palmetto Health Heart Hospital’s  mark is a modern, graphic symbol that was designed to compliment the existing Palmetto Health logo.
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